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Third-Generation rebase token with booster NFTs. Hyper-deflationary tokenomics, stable price action, real passive income.

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How to get started



Buy $AVION using the Binance Smart Chain network on our DApp.


Mint NFT

Mint up to 3 NFTs using $BUSD.

No sunk cost, your NFTs will be fully trade-able on our own proprietary marketplace.


Relax & Claim

$AVION is now auto-staking in your wallet. NFTs will give a booster APY if held in your wallet, automatically.

Passive income for a rebase token is something of an oxymoron in DeFi, with Avion we have revolutionized that way you think of the treasury. 50% of the treasury funds will be used to create a price range and none of the treasury will be used to fund the team or development of the protocol. Learn more by reading our white paper.

NFT collection : 5,000 Pieces

99,999% APY (1.91% Daily ROI w/tokens)

80% Mint Chance 1/4000

Business Class: 199,999% APY (2.10% Daily ROI w/tokens)

15% Mint Chance, 1/750

First-Class: 399,999% APY (2.30% Daily ROI w/tokens)

5% Mint Chance, 1/250

Avion Anti-Dump Lock

At Avion, we've implemented an enhanced anti-dump mechanism that focuses on ethical profit taking by all investors in the protocol. This mechanism only allows a sell percentage of 1% of your total tokens per day. You can sell 1% daily or hold until the 7th day and have the ability to sell 10% of your tokens. It will stay at 10% until you sell. Additionally, this anti-dump mechanism will allow for huge price discovery and bolster the protocol to others through upwards price action.

Avion's Revolutionary Treasury

Avion's treasury will solely be used to aid the protocol, none of the funds in this wallet will be used for team expenditures. On top of that we're doing something completely different by partitioning off 50% of the treasury to be used exclusively to fund our Liquidity Manager and also facilitate weekly buyback and burns. Moreover, the treasury will also facilitate low to high risk investments to grow the treasury assets and facilitate a more stable protocol over a long period of time.


Phase 1
Pre-Sales and DApp Launch

During this phase we will be focussing on marketing Avion to the masses and launching a protocol like no other.

Phase 2
Added Utility, Revenue & Sustainability

During this phase we will continue innovating and marketing the protocol aggressively. We will also be ensuring the longevity of the protocol through different mechanisms, events and innovations. Generating additional revenue streams from additional protocols/products.

Phase 3
Avion Ecosystem and Investments

Avion will build out an ecosystem of DeFi protocols feeding revenue back into our Price Management System.


How does Avion Finance work?
Avion Finance is an NFT and DeFi protocol built upon the Binance Smart Chain network that aims to build the most sustainable, transparent protocol and community in DeFi. There are two ways to reap the rewards that come from the APY of our protocol. Holding solely $AVION tokens or holding both $AVION tokens and Avion NFT(s). Holding solely $AVION will allow you to get an APY of 5,000%, which equates to close to 1% daily, while NFTs will boost that APY from 99,999%-399,999% based on what NFT tier you mint. Avion also has multiple proprietary mechanisms, burn mechanisms and deflationary tokenomics which will ensure the longevity of the protocol for a long time. We're also using our treasury unlike any other DeFi protocol out there, establishing a trading range and burning as much tokens as possible to curb inflation. More info about how Avion works can be found by reading our white paper.
Is there a KYC? Safety Measures?
Certik KYC has been completed and the whole team has been KYC'ed.

While Certik may be substantially more expensive than the likes of AssureDeFi we have opted to choose their services as we want to make sure that investors have the most confidence when it comes to their investments and we will always go above and beyond to ensure that.

Your investment's safety is our top priority at Avion. Audits will be conducted before launch and subsequent audits will be made after launch and any V2/V3 contract afterwards as needed. This is to ensure the safety of our smart contracts from exploits or hacks.  
Is there an Audit?
Audit by SolidProof has been completed. We have passed with flying colors with no medium, high or critical issues.
How do I invest in Avion Finance Pre-Sale?
Pre-sale has concluded
How do I buy $AVION tokens?
Avion tokens will be available for purchase on our DApp in the swap menu. Make sure you have BUSD and a little BNB for gas fees.
What utility does the NFT add?
Avion NFT's are not just another random NFT buzzword that you'll find in most other protocols but our NFTs serve a huge purpose in the growth and sustainability of the protocol. Firstly, the NFTs cap the amount of investors with high APYs with a supply of 15,000. Secondly the mint proceeds will go towards the treasury giving the protocol the funds necessary to defend a price floor and establish a trading range immediately after launch, thus providing true passive income to the investor. NFTs also allow you to participate in Stratosphere Boost and will have added benefits with future protocol innovations like Avion Bank. Lastly, they also increase in value the more that are minted and have no sunk-cost investment with our proprietary NFT marketplace.

At Avion, we want to create long term price stability for our investors.

Learn more about our unique mechanisms and more on our white paper.

The Destination

Building one of the best crypto communities is a monumental part of our mission at Avion (Right behind making you a profit). Our pilots and flight attendants will be making sure that everyone who decides to join us on this trip will have the time of their lives. Weekly AMAs, daily giveaways, clear communication and updates will be a priority for the team here at Avion. We want you and your investments to take off and soar the skies with us.